AIM-AHEAD Ethics Discussion Forum

Session Title: The AIM-AHEAD Ethics and Equity Principles 


Session Summary:

The potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to address health equity in an ethical manner is an ongoing discussion, with both debate and uses cases across a growing range of health-related scenarios. Centered within this debate are broad considerations for convened institutions and individual stakeholders who are seeking to fulfill this potential collaboratively, meaningfully, and effectively, such as AIM-AHEAD.


Members of the AIM-AHEAD Ethics SubCore will present, on behalf of the AIM-AHEAD Ethics and Equity Workgroup, the AIM-AHEAD Ethics and Equity Principles and Glossary to drive a moderated discussion around challenges and opportunities to implementing the principles and glossary among diverse institutions and collaborators within the Consortium. Individuals who attend will also have the opportunity to sign up to participate in a 1:1 interview with members of the AIM-AHEAD Ethics and Equity Workgroup to discuss their personal views and perspectives about the Principles and Glossary and provide feedback on opportunities to strengthen the Principles and Glossary.