Alex Carlisle to Speak at US Space & Rocket Center® AI Symposium

Woodbridge, VA – Alex J. Carlisle, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of the National Alliance against Disparities in Patient Health (NADPH), will address attendees at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center’s AI Symposium: How to Make AI Work for You, in Huntsville, Alabama.


“Artificial Intelligence has the potential to radically change healthcare across the globe,” says Carlisle. “AI algorithms have already been developed to aid in breast and prostate cancer detection, enabling doctors to identify how to best treat specific variants in patients. AI will accelerate development of personalized treatments, increase workflow & productivity, lower healthcare costs, and, most importantly, improve health outcomes. As people begin to understand the capabilities of AI in the healthcare space, we can expect breakthroughs to come at an increasingly rapid pace.” Carlisle will present a session on Maximizing the Promise of AI Innovation in Healthcare – Developing Ethical and Equitable AI to Address Health Disparities on Tuesday, February 20, 2024. In line with this important topic and critical to the NADPH mission, Carlisle recently was interviewed for an article in Forbes on Confronting Healthcare Equity: NADPH’s Crusade to Eliminate US Healthcare Disparities.


Dr. Alex Carlisle holds a Doctorate in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Howard University and received his post-doctoral training at the NIH. His work has focused on developing and applying innovative data analytic approaches to understanding disease progression and how to prevent it. While at the NIH, he developed bioinformatic tools for analyzing gene expression data in prostate cancer and Parkinson’s Disease; later, while at Northrop Grumman Health, he helped develop a prototype for near real-time analysis of integrated genomic and electronic health record data in the cloud, and later led the development of a prototype Precision Oncology Analytics Platform for predicting tumor stage and health outcome in neuroblastoma patients. Dr. Carlisle is the CEO of NADPH, a national nonprofit that leverages advance computational and data science technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in support of its mission to eliminate health disparities and improve health equity in marginalized and under resourced communities.



The National Alliance against Disparities in Patient Health (NADPH) is a nonprofit, health research organization applying scientific research and technology, community education and outreach, and advocacy to reduce health disparities and improve public health outcomes for our Nation. NADPH operates through a national partnership ecosystem that spans Government, Academic, Nonprofit, and Industry stakeholders. One of NADPH’s major objectives is to Bridge the Gap in access to advanced, precision-based healthcare in underserved and under-resourced communities, NADPH seeks to do this by providing access to information, subject matter experts, and technology that help community members: 1) raise their awareness and education about the array of factors impacting their quality of health and healthcare; 2) capture, manage, and understand their health information across its various domains, and 3) use this increased knowledge and access more actionably to make better decisions about their health and healthcare. Learn more at